(New Study) 300 Marketers Reveal Disruptive Shift In Digital Strategy

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Study reveals key findings in how marketers will shift marketing dollars through 2021.

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Businesses under 1 million invest the most in social media, while businesses between 1 and 5 million invest the most in search engine optimization, businesses between 5 and 10 million invest most in online advertising, businesses between 10 and 20 million invest most in email marketing, and those in the 20 to 50 million and 50+ million range invest evenly between all channels.

Regardless of the size of the business, the majority will be shifting more marketing budget to digital. Businesses in the 20 million to 50 million dollar range plan on shifting the largest amount to digital, with 90% saying they would be bringing more online.

The majority of businesses of all sizes find social media to be the most difficult channel to manage.

The larger the business, the more people responded they would be investing in all marketing channels, opposed to just a select few.

Businesses 1 million and under had the largest amount of marketers who did not know the digital marketing channel that had the highest ROI. Larger businesses generally had a better understanding of channels with the best ROI.

As far as the type of content businesses would be investing the most in, video emerged as a front runner, but results made it clear businesses would be investing in all types of content on some level.

Key Digital Marketing Study Findings

The majority of the businesses report that social media and email marketing have the highest ROI.

Key Digital Marketing

Study Findings